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Drug Abuse Drug Abuse Causes Sadness

Published on June 15th, 2013 | by Dewaldt Huysamen


The Alarming Drug Abuse Facts Of South Africa

Some years ago, local authorities regularly sent out their vigilant workforce to tour the streets and home gardens of South Africa in search of smokers of joint and the then popular cannabis stavia. Teenager drug abuse was not a major concern in the past. The consequences of being found in possession of substances that have been banned or if someone was caught using them could include being arrested and prosecuted. As stated among more recent drug abuse facts, new and more improved methods, such as public education about drug and substance abuse are required to sift out the increase in harmful drugs and substances that are rapidly and progressively plaguing South Africa and worldwide.

The term ‘drug abuse’ is becoming increasingly popular across the globe and South Africa is no exception. In fact, this overwhelming social problem in that region involves dangerous substance such as methamphetamine (crystal meth), tik and alcohol, among others. According to drug abuse facts, these largely contribute to destructive behaviours and outcomes in society as well as significantly contribute to violence, child abuse, aggravating offenses, drug-related crimes and general poverty.

The abuse of drugs is an action; the inappropriate or improper use of drugs. This means that any drug can be abused, even those that are prescribed by a doctor. This is one of the reasons why this is a serious social problem being experienced in South Africa. Several users of prescribed drugs are not listed or considered as drug abusers even if they use a much higher dose that is prescribed and for longer periods. This may be because their actions or behaviors do not match that of the strict definition that society commonly associates with drug abusers. In addition, persons who get involved with drugs for recreational reasons sometimes sadly get addicted and end up being involved in the already serious problem of drug abuse.

People who find themselves in the public eye regularly, such as famous movie stars, are generally required to work long hours without getting adequate amounts of sleep. As such, they often try to find a prescription drug to help in the situation. These drugs give them the energy and push that they need to carry out their daily task. There are several reports of famous or rich persons becoming addicted to or even dying from overdose of these drugs that come with a seductive effect.

Drug Abuse in South Africa Why?

South Africa experience drug abuse in magnitude that can be described as a kind of epidemic. People seeking to get that high feeling they hear so much about have graduated from the regular hemp tea, for example, that use to provide a mild feeling of exhilaration. The illegal substances used by pleasure seekers today include crack, cocaine, khat, ecstasy and heroin. The comprehensive list of options of gratification substance has opened up endless opportunities for drug dealers as well as drug abuse.

One of the drug abuse facts causing alarm in South Africa is that, in addition to the dangerous increase in availability of harmful substance, the young people who use to be mostly shielded from them now find it almost effortless to gain access to drugs. Teenager drug abuse is seriously on the rise as they seem to be the main target in the modern drug industry. This is the reason why young people in South Africa are being highly reported as the ones who are involved in drug abuse. Pre-teenage drug or substance addiction in some areas of the region has reached alarming heights and is seen as an increasing and significant social problem. As a result, innocent individuals have fallen prey to violence and several teenage pregnancies also are reported as outcomes of drug-related behaviors.

In spite of the grave concern about the increase in teenager drug abuse in particular, there are personnel who believe that significant changes can and need to be made. This is because young people in South Africa and around the globe are essentially viewed as the human and social capital of the future. They believe that other important aspects of dealing with drug-related issues among these young people should involve the promotion of solid socialization structures and agents such as peers, family and youth groups. In addition, interventions or programs that are geared toward social development should seek not only to enforce the law but to foster treatment and prevention measures.

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