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Published on March 9th, 2011 | by Dewaldt Huysamen


Drug Rehab | The Far North Alcohol and Drug Centre | Polokwane, Limpopo

drug rehab | the far north alcohol and drug centre | limpopo

The Far North Alcohol and Drug Centre situated in Polokwane, Limpopo specialises in rehabilitation from substance abuse and people addicted to gambling.

It is a NPO and it has been operating since 1969, but was only officially in action as Rehabilitation Centre from 7 March 1984.

The whole of Limpopo province is covered and serviced by this drug rehab centre.

Some of their services:

  • Learner Support Programme
  • Peer Education  Programme
  • Schools Based Programme
  • Volunteers Training Project
  • Life Skills Programme
  • 5-Day Clinic
  • Life Skills
  • General Substance Abuse

Contact Details:

Tel Number:
015 295 3700

Fax Number:
015 291 2709



For Consultation or more help when it comes to drug abuse please contact us now.

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About the Author

has over 10 years experience when it comes to drug abuse and substance abuse in South Africa. He has helped many people recover from drugs and many families how to cope with their addicted loved ones.

  • getrude

    i have a situation at home were both parents are pensioners. my dad is an alchoholic he drinks day in and day has gotten worse that he is even waking up in the middle of the nite to go buy alcohol hes a retired teacher all he does now is wake up drink and sleep.sometimes he even go outside the yard in front of the gate and pea in front of our neighbours this has cost my mother so much pain she has even got high blood now shes on medication be couse of my dad .he lost so much weight be cause he doesnt eat he drinks only brandy and finish all the bottle and go buy other i really need help i don know who to contact so that they can come and see what we are going through is very hard be cause he even drives the car drunk we dont know maybe he wants to kill himself or what be cause hes not saying wats bothering him please fore he dies .

    • Drug Abuse Rehab Recovery Expert

      It is imperative that we get a section against ur dad to get him admitted asap please contact us on 0769832176.

  • Maano

    Hi, i have a huge problem. My elder brother is an alcoholic and that resulted in him losing his job, house and car and everything and now all he does is drink . And my younger brother is addicted to weed (thats what he says) but i think there is other stuff, he dropped out of school and he is still very young(19), I also have two nephews who are also smoking and i just feel like my whole male family is destroyed. i stay with them and it used to be cash that dissapeared from my purse now i no longer carry cash my electronics are dissapearing. Please help me, this has even cost my mom to have stress which almost resulted in a stroke. I worry a lot about them and I do not want them to end up dying or being thieves because of this addictions because if they cant find anything in the house i think they will start going outside to steal things.

    • Dewaldt Huysamen

      HI there,

      Please contact us as soon as possible on 076 983 2176 after 4pm or on 076 224 9133 before 4 pm from 9am and we will help immediately.

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