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Published on April 15th, 2013 | by Dewaldt Huysamen

Police Brutality In South Africa – Is Anyone Still In Control?

The embedded video above is a playlist of different police misconduct cases, watch them all here.

The recent police brutality in South Africa has come to an all time high! How can we as the people tolerate this type of conduct, and ill behaviour? Police misconduct all over the world does exist, but I have never seen it as bad as the recent attacks police are making on the public. 

All you need to do if you do not believe is search police brutality in South Africa.

Excessive Force by Police

If you watch the videos at the top of this article, you will clearly see horror story of note. I have seen scary things hands on in my life, with my crime filled past when I was younger, but this is taking it to the next level.

What Is Considered Police Brutality

So many people ask when is it brutality, and when is the police just doing their job?

I say as soon as person has to ask that question, then you have already answered yourself. There is nothing more destructive to a country, then its own government employed police force breaking the law.

Police Brutality Statistics In South Africa

Police Assaulted Cases Statistics

by the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD)

One can clearly see by looking at the statistics above about South African police and cases of brutality launched against them, that the problem is clearly not going away, but in fact getting worse these past years.

Only God can save us, and do something about this. Only His strength can overcome this evil.

If something or some one does not intervene soon, chances are we will never see a happy ending to this history of police brutality. I think it is time for South Africa’s people to stand together and say NO!!! This is our country and with God we can overcome this evil.

Do not get bullied any further, and lets us know below what you think about police brutality or share your story with us.

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