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Published on August 10th, 2013 | by Dewaldt Huysamen


Royal Baby – Or Demi God? What Is all the Hype About?

Yay there is a new royal baby in the world!! Ok no offence, but who cares??

I mean really there is more newsworthy topics out there!! how many babies are dying right now, because of starvation? How many babies do not have parents to look after them?

How People Respond to a Royal Baby

I do not think it is fair at all for people to go all whoopie over a baby, I mean what is this baby some new cure to an incurable disease?

O look Ma! It is a royal baby,”what is a royal baby?”

It is something that is made up out of people’s fascination about the rich and famous? So what deems as you famous? Society, news reports, or better yet the count of followers on Twitter or Facebook friends, punt likes?

“Kyk Pa Ek is ‘n Royal Babatjie”

So in the famous words of Afrikaans, well just use a Google Translator, and you will get the heading I made. I mean come on people, I am also happy a new baby was born, but to take it to these extremes is just dumb!

No where in history has people been so hyped, synced and psyched about a baby’s birth, except of course Jesus Christ. And this of course I fully understand and support 100%.

I mean royals, what does that mean? The word itself?

Definition of Royal


Having status??? Who gives that status? People or God?, Was this God ordained or people ordained?

Either way if you put a person before God, or look at them as an idol, guess what! it is a SIN.

There is no escaping reality this time people. Look I have a 9 month old baby boy right now, and there is nothing about royalty or this, and that blah die blah.

I love him and he loves me. BOTTom line…

That is what is about, not the status given by men, but the true person itself inside, which will be soon seen by society, regardless of a man made status. I ask you please comment your thoughts on this matter, If you have the guts to comment on the royal baby of course.

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